About The Age Of Senescence

Ordinary people around the world are creating extraordinary ageing solutions

About The Age Of Senescence

Ordinary people around the world are creating extraordinary ageing solutions


My Journey


The Age of Senescence is my journey to discover how different countries and cultures around the world are responding to the needs of an ageing population.


The Age of Senescence will journal global perspectives to reveal how individuals and groups of determined societies are disrupting traditional ageing systems, leading with transformational ideas and inspiring great reform for our next generation of elders and their elected caregivers.


An Ageing Population


Already, World economies are beginning to feel the effects of an ageing population, with the global demographics shifting such that a greater number of retirees are relying on a smaller workforce. It is this fiscal scenario that the World Economic Forum believe only the most proactive and forward thinking countries will withstand the inevitable political and economic effects of the ageing population. The UK, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany are already showing examples of critical research and investment in innovative complex adaptive systems which allow people to stay in their own homes for longer, for example; developing of wearable technology and creating dementia inclusive societies.


Irrespective of which country you investigate or analyse for its economical responsiveness to our ageing society, each cultural community should be considering the question;


“ How can we do more with less?”


How can developed societies do more for their elders for less financial output? As the retiree to working population ratio increases, there is a real possibility that public health, welfare or pension systems will be put under strain, and government support will reduce for future generations of retirees.


A New Era of Ageing


Small groups of determined people around the world are challenging the status quo and creating new proactive innovative solutions to keep elderly people participating safely in society for as long as possible, while at the same time completely disrupting the mainframe of their aged care systems. More astonishing, these determined individuals have created their inventive solutions from a place that is utterly fundamental to their belief system.


And this is where my journey begins with Age of Senescence; to investigate and research how small groups of people are successfully doing more with less. But, what makes this journey different is that my articles will delve into the practicalities of each idea and demonstrate how global ageing well ideas might be replicated in your own community or organisation.


Ordinary people around the world are creating extraordinary ageing solutions. People who have had the courage to create, the grit to develop and the persistence to launch new innovative ideas for the elder population.


Ideas that, I believe, are truly astonishing and thrilling to research, study and write about.

Kirsty Jane


Kirsty Porter



Kirsty has been a qualified nurse for nearly 20 years, working both in Australia and the United Kingdom.  Having completed a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post Graduate degree in Aged Services Management, with specific interests in Organisational Change Management, Kirsty has practised in ares such as aged care, disability care, chronic care, domiciliary and mental health within the public and private health care sectors.  


Her career journey has also incorporated working within a multi-national blue chip organisation and a business development role before returning to Australia in 2008 to raise her young family.    


Read more about her inspiration behind creating The Age of Senescence.....

 I believe in autonomy and choice as the foundation of an elder care system. One that is completely responsive to the community I choose to live in.
I want to live in a community that encourages me to participate despite my frailty. To have access to quality services at the cost that makes sense to me, but most of all, I want to live with purpose right ‘til the end.
I believe in sharing and trading global innovation for all elder communities to delight in. Therefore, creating more opportunity for business enterprise, more examples of multi-cultural participation and further, a more dynamic multi-generational co-operation.
I truly believe this makes for a more participative society and productive economy. And it is through this productivity and participation; I believe we will create an ageing culture that benefits us all.
- Kirsty Porter -

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